The best way to get a quote is either by email, phone or call in to see us in store.

There are a few different variables that make up our print prices: Print size, number of colours printed & garment / material used.

A 50% deposit at the start of a new order & another 50% on pickup. We will require 100% payment if sending out print work.
No we can print one-off garments/stickers. However it depends on our method that we use. For one-off prints we generally print them digitally which is our cheaper option. Sometimes it will have to be screen printed so the price will increase significantly due to the amount of time for file prep & setup.

Yes but our garments must be back to us within 14 days in their original condition as supplied or charges will be applied.

Yes. We do except supplied garments but they need to have a print area clearance of 30mm from stitching & seams where the print is to go. If the material is different from standard we may need to look at it first to determine if it’s printable or which type of ink is suitable.

We generally work on a 10 working day turn around depending on the size of your order & complexity.

If you are to cancel your order it needs to be a quick as possible from when you placed it. This is to insure we don’t order your garments or start the design process. If we have already set the job up you will be charged for our time spent on the job.

We generally re-set your screens again – this may incur further setup costs depending on the re-run quantities.

No, you have only paid for the film that produces the screens. When your job is complete we clean the screens & reuse them again for other jobs.

No. We generally print the requested design across all garments based off the smallest size. If you need multiple print sizes across different garment sizes each print size will be charged at separate setup costs since we have to set a screen for each print size.

Yes. Once your order has been place, we then set your print up electronically & send you a PDF proof for approval. Once you are happy with the poof we will go to print. If changes are made we will work within your hourly setup cost. If this is going to exceed the hourly rate we will notify you that the price will increase.


We have 3 different print area sizes – small, medium & large which are all priced differently. We can print in different areas on garments but they have to be 30mm away from seams, stitching, zips etc. Our most common print positions are: front & back prints, long & short sleeves, legs, hoods & more. If you are unsure where to print you can bring your garments in & we can take a look at them for you.
We are unable to print an entire pre-made garment – we can print onto the material before it gets made into garments.
We can only screen print a maximum of 8 spot colours with one being white.
We use the Pantone Matching System.
Colours will vary from computer screens & to printed colours. If you need to see the colour that is getting printed we have a Pantone colour chart in store for you to view.
We don’t generally print samples. If you feel this will be beneficial, we can produce samples as an additional expense.


Email, flash drive, online file sharing (www.wetransfer.com)
– Old photos can be scanned for you
– Hand drawn designs can be re-create for you for a fee.

AI, EPS, PDF (all vector based).
Contact us for guidance around print sizes.
If you think your job is complex, it’s best to call in and we can go over it with you face to face to achieve the best outcome.

Yes. We have an in-house designer who can help create stunning printable & non-printable graphics & logos from start to finish. From concepts through to the final product, design modifications & design recreation. We can cover it all while working closely with you to get exactly what you require.


Feel free to drop us a line and we will sort it for you